OFFER: 30% discount in accommodation (on standard rate), from August 20th, 2020. Offer not cumulative.


Getaways that fall in love

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Get away for a couple of days in style during the Pont de la Mercè, between September 24 and 27, 2020.

An experience of authentic luxury, at a minimum price and children free, on the seafront, in the center of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, in the elegant and welcoming Elke Spa Hotel.

In addition to enjoying the hotel's luxurious facilities, its complete wellness center and its magnificent gastronomic restaurant, in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and its surroundings you have numerous tourist attractions and fantastic leisure activities to disconnect and have a good time.

For example, spectacular walks by the sea along magical coastal paths, green routes of exuberant nature, water activities (paddle surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.), horseback riding, golf or shopping.



- Welcome cocktail.

- 2 nights in a suite.

- Accommodation 2 children free.

- Breakfast buffet.

- Spa, jacuzzis, water circuit and pool.

- 2 massages of 30 minutes.

- 1 dinner for two.



€ 90 / person and day.

* Offers not cumulative.




Tel. +34 872 20 21 20

Oktoberfest 2020


On Saturday, October 3, we will celebrate the traditional Oktoberfest, with a typical German dinner, enlivened with spectacular live music, in the spacious and comfortable Metronon Gastrobar in the Elke Spa Hotel.

The best festive atmosphere, with limited capacity, we apply all the anticovid security protocols.


Take advantage of the super offer and stay the night at the Elke Spa Hotel, one of the most luxurious and welcoming hotels in the region.


- German dinner with live music.

- Accommodation 1 night, with 1 child free.

- Buffet breakfast.

- Spa and water circuit.



From 80 euros per person, depending on the type of room you choose.


Make your reservation now by clicking HERE.



Tel. +34 872 20 21 20

EMail: reservas@elkehotel.com

Slimming wellness package


Do you want to feel the true physical, mental and emotional well-being?


This summer, escape a few days to Elke Spa Hotel to enjoy healthy activities and take care of yourself actively.

The SLIMMING WELLNESSPACKAGE is a program designed by our team of therapists, physical instructors, nutritionist and Chef, to improve health and mood.

This 5-day program consists of combining physical activities outdoors, enjoying time to relax in the wellness area, intensifying facial and body care and enjoying a balanced diet for weight loss, personalized for each case, with the best Mediterranean cuisine.

A very complete package, unique in the market, which focuses on giving up bad habits, such as sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, and on adding pleasant and healthy activities.

Come enjoy the authentic luxury lifestyle, in an idyllic setting, with all the comforts. Satisfaction assured!



- Accommodation 5 nights (Monday to Friday) in a double room.

- Half board or slimming full board (breakfast, lunch, snack detox and dinner).

- Daily morning walk with a personal trainer along paths along the sea and greenways in the middle of nature.

- Daily soft morning gymnastics and stretching with a personal trainer .

- Relax in wellness area with Spa, saunas and water circuit and outdoor pool.

- 2 yoga sessions with a monitor.

- 2 massages.

- 2 facial treatments.

- 1 body treatment.

- Manicure and pedicure.


PRICE for 2 people in a double room:

from € 215 / person and day.

PRICE for 1 person in a double room:

from € 292 / person and day.



Tel. +34 872 20 21 20

EMail: reservas@elkehotel.com



OPTIONAL (not included in the package price):

With prior reservation and medical consultation included: facial and body treatments.


- Botox, smoothes wrinkles and expression lines.

- Hyaluronic acid, redefines, hydrates, tightens and illuminates the skin.

- Tensioning threads, lifting without surgery.

- Peeling, spot and acne removal.

- Mesotherapy, revitalization and deep hydration, prevention of aging.

- Rejuvenation with biostimulation.

- Rhinoplasty without surgery.

- Double chin removal.

- Elimination of dark circles.

- Body treatments, cellulite, loicalized fat, body remodeling.



- Facelift treatments, combat flaccidity and achieve firmer skin.

- 3D facial rejuvenation, special anti-aging treatments, recover facial volume.

- Hyperhidrosis treatment, ends with excess sweating.

- Microneedling, treatment with vitamins and trace elements that improve the quality of the skin.

- Hair treatment, personalized anti-hair loss treatments for the scalp.

- Sclerotherapy, treatment to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins.

- Anti-stain treatment.

- Anti-acne treatment.



Tel. +34 872 20 21 20

Offer for groups


We offer special conditions for groups, adapting to the specific needs in each case.

If you come in a group to enjoy our facilities, by booking a minimum of 10 rooms you will benefit a 15% discount on accommodation on standard rate.


In addition, you will also have advantages in massages and facial and body treatments, with gifts and discounts of up to 20%.


Information and reservations:

Phone: +34 872 20 21 20

EMail: reservas@elkehotel.com

Gift vouchers


Not sure what to give on special occasions?

The Elke Spa Hotel Gift Certificate is an elegant and original option to give to someone special.

You can surprise your partner, family, friends, coworkers, employees, suppliers, clients and whoever you want by giving away unique experiences with which you will be right.

We suggest some splendid gift ideas:

- Stays in our luxurious facilities, such as a romantic evening, a weekend or a vacation.

- Massages, facial and body treatments, spa sessions, jacuzzis, sauna and water circuit.

- Gastronomic lunches or dinners in our elegant restaurants.

- Surprise parties.


Customize your Gift Certificate and we will send it to the recipient. The rest, leave it in our hands. We will take care of making the lucky person/s enjoy your gift.

Call us at phone number +34 872 20 21 20 and we will inform you.

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